The Full Story

A Little Help from my Friends

Hubris is a powerful thing, and I realized early on that I neither have the skills nor the time to tackle projects like this all on my own.  So I called upon my friends to help, and oh boy did they.


Max and Joe

Joe comes all the way down from Ohio for these workations.  He is super knowledgeable and could build these on his own.  I am lucky he lets me work with him. When I have a I dumb question, I go to Joe first.  Max is the man that can move anything.  He was built for demo, and over the years has become quite the painter and drywall guy.  Super thankful to have these guys on the job site.

Mike G is the MAN

Wouldn't dream of doing a project without him.  He takes his time, precision measurements, precision cuts. Having top notch tile is super important on these projects. Mike makes sure it happens, laughing the whole time and keeping us smiling.




We put in sliding glass storm doors and replaced the paper thin aluminum walls and windows.  The backyard got pavers and a refresh. It's crazy that a location as good as this experienced such neglect.  It feels good to take something like this, pour my heart and soul into it, and see results.

Sound proofing

Between 822 and 824 we put up four layers of Mass Loaded Vinyl, and 4 layers of drywall.  We significantly reduced the sound travelling from one unit to the other but some strategically placed book shelves and furniture will also help.