D'Amore's Ristorante - Tricia Phillippi

We had an excellent dining experience at D'Amore's Ristorante. And I don’t use that phrase lightly.

The ambiance is very intimate, the lighting is dim, and totally dig the decor and overall atmosphere.

Our server was Annastasia. She was exceptional! Very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable of the menu items and we went with her recommendations. We did try a few extra dishes- small bites of everything so we could share more with all of you.

Gerard Joseph recommended a bottle of Blackboard, a delicious cab, a new favorite of mine, perfectly paired with my palate. Not overly sweet, not too dry, not bitter just absolutely perfect. Highly recommend, and it’s a very affordable option to boot.

We started off with the burrata, one of my favorite apps. It was the perfect size for a nice, delicious app. What is burrata? The outside shell, skin is made of mozzarella, and the inside is stracciatella and cream, giving it ab unusual, soft, creamy texture! So darn yummy

For entrees we had

Chicken Fresca: Free Range Chicken breast topped with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and baked wihth pesto & balsamic vinaigrette. Raj chose asparagus as his side $21

Chicken Piccata- they did not tease with the lemon, I want to taste the lemon in chicken piccata and that was delivered. You must order the Tuscan potatoes as your side Free Range Chicken breast sauteed with a lemon butter and caper sauce. $21

Side note, the quality and taste of the chicken is superior. Delicious.

They kept the famous lasagna from Atlantis Bistro, you can order it daily! This was my first time trying it. I will definitely order it again. It’s at least 2 servings for most. What makes this lasagna different is that it is made with crepes, not lasagna noodles. This makes the dish not as heavy, it’s absolutely divine. Now I understand all the hype over this lasagna.

Another favorite alongside the lasagna was the linguine and clams. Little neck clams. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the oils and Italian herbs and spices were also a perfect blend with a bit of red pepper spice to give the dish some heat. I will go back to have this dish alone. Superb. (A D'Amore family classic. Tender clams with linguine Red or white sauce, spicy or not)-I had the white •$22

I also tried the BAKED CLAMS - Tender clams, homemade bread crumbs, pecorino romano, fresh Italian parsley, fresh garlic and love. Tip- drizzle them with lemon! These were delish $14

Annastasia went on and on about how she loved working there. That the restaurant staff works together as a family unit. She raved about Gerard and that he is simply amazing to work for. You could feel everything she shared with us. This is a spot that’s not talked about enough in my opinion. We will definitely be making it a NSB regular. — at D'Amore's Ristorante.

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