New Restaurant Alert! Cafe Del Soul

Denise and I were enjoying the art at Jane's Art Center, Arts on Douglas and Harris House and we stumbled into Cafe Del Soul on our way to the car show. We just wanted to take a peek and see the menu, but the soup of the day was butternut squash, which was perfect to warm ourselves as the Florida cold front rained upon our afternoon. Cafe Del Soul offers a vegetarian menu first, that you can add your meat to so all the offerings are vegetarian first. We had the Maria Nachos, which is a salad atop of nachos and I have to say it was the finest nachos I ever had. The salad was fresh and delicious and perfectly dressed. The butternut squash soup was a perfect addition.

Cafe Del Soul is a great new addition to the restaurant options on Canal Street. If you like fresh food prepared to order, you should definitely check it out.

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