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The Full Story


I believe that when you work a property everyday you see things differently than when you just visit.  I watch and take note of where people choose to rest, and why.  Is that spot shady?  Does it get a breeze?  Noticing seemingly small things like this can make all the difference.  Plus it gives the place a chance to speak to you and tell you what it needs.


Lights on a Stick

Simple and effective, hanging lights from a piece of driftwood is a nice way to bring the outside inside.  It adds an element of interest to the room as well, something unexpected. 

Barn Door
We used cedar for the Pergolas, and purchased too much to make up for bad cuts.  Turns out Dave Smith doesn't make bad cuts, so I had Rob Day fashion this barn door from the leftover cedar.  It smells great and bugs hate cedar.  Bonus. 

Custom Office

The custom desk was also made by Rob day.   This was made from Florida Sweet Gum slabs.  It took ton of sanding to get this finish.  Please notice the super cool leg.  I wish my office were this nice. 

Bathroom Mirrors

More cedar here.  The mirrors point slightly down so you look slightly up forcing your double chin to disappear.  The mirror is lit on three sides, so your face has a soft even light.  Yes, you look good in this mirror - by design.

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