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Hey There

My name is Bill.  I'm a local surfer who likes to tinker with things until I stumble into something I like. Thanks for checking out my beach vacation homes in New Smyrna Beach.  

All About NSB Vacation Home

My mother was looking for a place to winter in New Smyrna Beach, and the options we found were either filthy or outrageously priced, or both.  Truly, every year she was disappointed in what she found, and I saddened by my thinning wallet.  So rather than keep looking for a place that didn’t exist, I chose to not renew my long term tenants' lease, and put a new paint job on the old place.
Well things snowballed from there.  I ended up knocking down walls, opening up kitchens and creating bathrooms that inspired envy.   At some point I realized that my marketing job was no longer as satisfying as taking a blueprint in my brain and making it a reality, so I quit.  A few handy friends, YouTube and I began tearing things apart and tinkering with things from Home Depot until we had stumbled into something delightful.
I recently purchased a triplex on Hope ave, located in a short term rental zone. After tons of work and a few dollars, I finished this project, and I'm stoked on the results.

See you at the beach, 


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