The Full Story


So this was December 2022, the pandemic was in full swing in Florida, and resources were scarce. You had to be lucky sometimes to find what you needed.  Lucky for me I had a reliable crew to help me with the project.  


We dug deep

Even tho most of the drywall was fine, I like to remove any areas that are exposed to water on a regular basis.  This includes bathrooms and kitchens.  This ensures that I have a fresh start and I know that there's nothing in the walls to keep me up at night. 

Drywall Madness

But some of the rooms needed an entire refresh.  The office in 822 was one such room and was gifted new drywall on all sides.  



We put in sliding glass storm doors and replaced the paper thin aluminum walls and windows.  The backyard got pavers and a refresh. It's crazy that a location as good as this experienced such neglect.  It feels good to take something like this, pour my heart and soul into it, and see results.

Sound proofing

Between 822 and 824 we put up four layers of Mass Loaded Vinyl, and 4 layers of drywall.  We significantly reduced the sound travelling from one unit to the other.  Quiet homes are a good thing.