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We want you to enjoy your stay at our Beach Vacation Rental.  Each stay will receive a guide specific to their home emailed to them, as well as a printed guide in the house.  I am a text away for any questions, concerns or compliments but I like to surf, ride my bike and walk my dog.

  • No Smoking

  • No Parties, gatherings or weddings

  • Must be 23 years old or older to rent

  • No Subletting! Do not rent and then drop off your underage kids, this is illegal and I will press charges.

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Things to Know:

  • Monday: Trash and Recycling. Thursday: Trash 

  • NO SMOKING. Candles or fires of any kind are strictly prohibited.

  • Flip Flop Drop is for sandy shoes or flip flops, you can wear shoes in the house.

  • If you have the AC on – you must keep the doors and windows closed.

  • Do not overstuff the washing machine, dryer needs a clean lint screen.

  • Your passcode is only good for as long as your stay.

  • Beach towels are in the linen closet.

  • Outside furniture stays outside, and inside furniture stays inside - including the pauf ottomans.

  • Bath towels are for the house only, and not to mop up messes – use the rags for that.

  • Most all of the lights are on dimmers, so if it is too bright – turn it down with the little slider.

  • Lawn guys come as needed, and the bald gardener will sometimes come by and tend to the garden.

  • Please use the “sandy toes” foot wash between the units to clean your sandy toes before entering the house.  It is an NSB thing to take off flip-flops and leave them outside the front door.

  • If you have your four legged friends, they must be leashed when outside and you must pick up after or pay $300 per poop pickup.

  • The Parking enforcement officers take delight in ticketing people for minor infractions like facing the wrong way – park properly.

  • If given the chance, claim the gravel parking out front, it will give you more space to sit in the sun and enjoy.

  • The inside shower has an anti-scalding water safety valve, if you like your water super duper hot, turn down the water flow and wait for it to get ridiculously hot, then turn up the flow again.  Bang Presto you should have super hot water.  Be careful tho, it is very very hot.

  • Please shake sand out of beach towels before washing.  Sand will destroy washing machines.

Select Source / TV+ for cable-like programming.  There are dozens if not hundreds of channels here.
You can cast most media apps directly from your phone/ smart device right to your TV.  If you are a TV person make sure you have your preferred provider’s app downloaded on your phone before you leave home.  This way, you can bring your TV preferences with you.


  • Make sure that your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network

  • On the TV Remote: Select Source / HDMI 1 to choose Chromecast; On the TV you will see a photo with the time

  • Play Netflix or any similar app on your phone and click the “little TV icon” on the top right and your media will cast to your TV.

The TV makes a good stereo; you can Bluetooth right to it.
The TVs drop Internet connection fairly often.  If reconnecting fails, click Settings / General/ Network / Network Status – it typically reconnects.

You are a short walk from everything.  Most everyone leaves their car in the driveway for their entire stay.
Our Favorites Around Town:


  • Breakfast / Coffee: Cool Beans (nearby behind Traders), Third Wave (Coffee early; kitchen opens at 9) < all on Flagler; Island Roasters Coffee, Wake Up Café, Donnie’s Donuts


  • Counter Service: Go Juice, Da Kine Poke, Tin and Tacos, Manzano’s, <- all on Flagler; Mon Delice, Taco Shack


  • Table Service: AA Garden Fusion, Third Wave, Clancy’s Cantina, Café Verde, Flagler Tavern, < all on Flagler


  • Fancy: Third Wave, The Corkscrew, River Park Terrace, So Napa, The Garlic, Norwood’s, Courtyard Grill, Atlantis Bistro, Limencello’s


  • Watering Holes: Flagler Tavern, Third Wave, Ocean Breeze, Tayton O’Brians, Traders < all on Flagler; Outriggers, Norwood’s Treehouse, Beachside Tavern, New Smyrna Brewery


  • Ice Cream: Beachside Candy Co., Third Wave, Treats on the Beach


  • Pizza: Flagler Ave Pizza (nearby), Vesuvio will deliver, Prima, Panheads, and Baci are great dine in options.

The Ecobee thermostat is a touch screen, simply put your finger on the circled number, raise and lower to your desired temp.  If the unit is running please have all the windows and doors closed.
Fan and light in Bedrooms:
There is a remote attached to the bedside table that controls fan speed and light.  You need to turn on the wall switches to turn on the light and/or fan.
Parties and Gatherings are prohibited:
Please have respect for your neighbors who live and work here.  Have the music turned down to a reasonable volume by 10pm.  Don’t litter in the yard, and use common sense and respect.
Beach Supplies:
Bike Rentals: Nichols (386) 690 8420
Golf Cart Rentals: Wild Side (386) 427-1664
All things surf, sand and beach: Red Dog Surf Shop (386) 423-8532
Quiet Flight is also good, at the east end of Flagler Ave.
Coffee Maker:
There is a filter basket in the coffee maker, so no disposable filter is needed.  Simply fill the back of the coffee maker with water, add ground coffee to the basket, press the brew button, and coffee will percolate into the pot. Rinse the filter basket between brews; leave the unit open to air dry.  A single cup option is available with this coffee maker.
Locking and Unlocking the Door:
From the outside with the door closed, simply push the “Schlage” logo to lock the front door as you leave. Make sure the door is firmly shut to lock it, if it is not “clicked” in place the deadbolt will bounce.  To light the numbers at night, click the Schlage logo and the keypad will light up.
Common Sense:
You will find the house in good working order: all the appliances have been tested and work properly.  You are expected to care for this house as if it were your own, and leave it as you found it.  Absolutely NO grease, oil, butter, potato, celery or carrot peelings down the sink as this will create an expensive clogged pipe.  When in doubt toss it in the trash.  A metal can is provided in the freezer that is your grease collector.  As renter, you are responsible for the cost of any fix or replacement of any damage due to neglect or improper use.
Checking out Check list:

  • Did you put all dirty dishes in dishwasher and run the cycle?

  • Did you strip all the beds and wash bed sheets (not the comforter - it gets dry cleaned) and put towels in the laundry bag?

  • Did you take the trash out?

  • Did you LOCK the DOORS?

  • A clean guest is always welcomed.

  • Have a safe trip home!


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