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The Full Story


Florida is all about being outside, and I see many zero lot line homes that totally ignore the outside space.  I don't do like that.  I have a huge canvas with the Hope property and I intend to use it. 


Hot Boxes

First order of business was to remove these hot boxes.  Aluminum siding, zero insulation, walking through these reminded me of Dante's Inferno.  Sawzall and a dumpster did the trick.

Spare and Boring
Once the hot boxes were removed we could see the actual building, and even freshly painted it was a snooze fest to look at.  This is going to take some work I thought. 


So we put up cedar pergolas with 303 stainless hardware.  The same stuff they use on sailboats.  The Pergolas were basically sketched in dirt, and Dave Smith laughed at me, shook his head and got to work.  What he created are amazing pieces to sit and admire.  They did an excellent job of breaking up a boring sitting area.

Coconuts can't grow Here

I wanted to go extra tropical, so I made the investment in three field grown coconuts.  They were gorgeous.  Then a freeze that lasted 8 hours hit, and even with heaters they couldn't survive.  Turns out the haters were right, coconuts can't grow here.

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